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PACS Overview

ONE powerful solution that can be easily integrated into your enterprise consists of EBM's UniSightTM UniServerTM UniWebTM Pangea Mammo, and UniGateTM EBM's web-based system enables easy integration into your workflow routine, high reliability, and simplicity of user interface with an accelerated device speed. Our PACS product suite can store, retrieve and distribute all of a healthcare institution's patient data, including images from multiple workflows and departments, patient demographics, and reports. Our web-based multi-modality solution facilitates diagnostic images over the internet.

A Reliable PACS Solution

EBM PACS raises the bar of medical software solutions with its enhanced management platform and strong commitment to product security, reliability, and quality. Our software has successfully adhered to the highest international industry standards [DICOM, HIPAA, HL7] to be broadly applicable to any and all vendors. EBM's Service Communication Team helps create a quality environment for hospitals by listening to the client's exact needs and customizing our technology software on a case by case basis to fulfill physicians' precise wants.

Advanced Workflow

EBM PACS does a superb job in getting images in for interpretation at high speed and prioritizing them so that the most crucially important images are read first. Providing physicians with a workflow that enables more time for specialized tasks dramatically enhances efficiency within the hospital environment. EBM PACS is a brokerless solution that effectively facilitates the flow of images across disparate HIS and RIS systems, providing enhanced workflow across the enterprise. Through workflow reengineering, whether it is the releaser of examination order at the front end, or the composition of reports by radiologists at the rear end, EBM PACs eliminates unnecessary repeated data entry to make workflow seamless and automatic. [More on EBM's Advanced Workflow]

Better Patient Care

The high performance network of EBM PACS has enabled quick distribution and sharing of images and reports. Whether users are at the ER, ICU, OR, OPD or ward, EBM's system can give medical staff more golden time to tend to their patients, provide them with better medical care, and shorten their visiting time immensely. Dual monitors with side-by-side comparison of current and prior exams, with high-brightness and accessibility of seconds can save lives in the ER. [More on Better Patient Care]

Strengthening Teaching & Research

When EBM PACs database is utilized for teaching and research purposes, physicians can save a great deal of time on patient's data collection and exchange their findings quickly and extensively with other experts or professors over the internet. We have proven this at some of the top Teaching and Research facilities in the world, including Japan's Tohoku University Hospital where enhanced hospital teaching and leveraged research are increased with the EBM solution.

Increase Your Revenue

The impact of PACS on a radiologist report turnaround time is tremendous. EBM PACS management enables timely adjustments to changing business requirements and helps heighten efficiency in your practices' department. EBM PACS reduces image and data losses, staff size, and eliminates traditional and labor-intensive complexities involved with film processing, handling and courier. More efficient diagnosis plus incredible cost savings-EBM PACS enables the entire enterprise more effective, efficient and profitable. [More on Increase Your Revenue]

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Information Security Statement of EBM PACS
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