Comprehensive Viewing Tools

Provide users with intuitive interface for optimum viewing experience to satisfy the needs of radiologists and medical professionals as they view medical images on daily basis.

AI Gateway

Enable both edge and cloud computing capabilities to visualize AI inference on images for aid in the diagnosis or detection for diseases.

CD Replacement

Turn the conventional referral procedure into completely CD-less solution with DICOM image files sent directly to your mobile devices.
(Allow patients to view/share medical images easily without a physical disk and facilitate hospitals/clinics transferal procedures.)

What’s More

DICOM Server
Store DICOM image files locally on iPad Pro(s) and support query/retrieve requests sent from viewers.
Viewer: Query / Retrieve
Actively retrieve medical image data from PACS / servers back to iPad Pro(s) for display.
Hanging Protocols
Provide a range of hanging protocols for Mammography, all of which are customizable and ensures the best viewing experience on the go.

Workflow & Scenario

Product & Solutions

EBM AI workflow is a software platform for seamless data annotation, training, advanced visualization and deployment of AI based medical imaging applications.

SoliPACS™ is the collective name EBM Technologies uses for its Enterprise PACS. All SoliPACS products fully reflect the healthcare sector’s move away from proprietary systems.

EBM’s MobiHIS App provides medical staffs with full access to patient data while supporting practices in a filmless and paperless healthcare environment.

FHR App is a disc-less imaging solution designed for the general public as an alternative to burning CDs when applying for referral services.

In time critical conditions, LiveAid App provides healthcare workers with quicker image uploading procedures to PACS for evaluation of patient recovery status before and after the treatment.

AgileRIS App is an offline reporting solution turning any iPad Pro(s) into a RIS workstation. The application provides medical professionals with flexibility while reporting on the go.

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