SoliPACS™ Gateways

SoliPACS Gateway is an advanced DICOM gateway that can convert non-DICOM images to DICOM image format. Connecting non-DICOM compliant modalities to healthcare solutions, SoliPACS Gateway is available either as PC-based software solution or as a portable standalone unit, fitting into wherever a traditional network workstation is unfeasible. SoliPACS Gateway accepts input from any modality with s-video output and can capture color and grayscale images as well as cine.


• DICOM 3.0 and HIPAA.
• FDA Class II Device Approval.
• Video Type: Interlaced (NTSC) and Non-Interlaced analog video.
• Video Signals: RGB with Composite Sync, RGB with Separate Sync, Monochrome Video Frequency: 12.5MHz to 40MHz.
• Bits per pixel: 24 bits per pixel for RGB color and 8 bits per pixel for Monochrome.
• Image Compression: Uncompressed, Lossy JPEG, RLE Lossless,. image/sec, 30 frame/sec.
• Single-frame capture rate
• Multi-frame capture rate
• Maximum local storage: 4G bytes total or 50,000 images