SoliPACS™ Radio

SoliPACS™ Radio is the core product of EBM Technologies. More than any other product, it epitomizes what EBM Technologies can do for healthcare providers: by digitalizing all medical imaging modalities and connecting them throughout each department and hospital, SoliPACS™ Radio provides the ultimate in healthcare interoperability solutions. A cohesive suite of solutions, SoliPACS™ Radio offers such useful functions as appointment scheduling, patient data handling from multiple workstations, elimination of repeated data entry and instant Internet-based access to diagnostic images for more efficient and accurate diagnosis.


• Enhanced efficiency across the entire workflow, from the modality to the front and back office
• Quicker, easier and more user-friendly storage, retrieval and distribution of archived images across the whole healthcare institution
• Effortless appointment scheduling and report distribution
• Simple access to diagnostic images over the Internet for more efficient and accurate diagnosis
• Elimination of repeated data entry
• Fast return on investment
• 3D imaging engine
• Instant messaging functions via NetConference


• Architecture: 64bit, parallel processing (Multi-thread images compression & decompression, Utilize Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) Library to parallel-process images)
• Tracking of system performance: Study Count (DICOM/Non-DICOM); Storage usage by Period, Modality, File Format, Institution, Facility and System; System/Storage Monitoring; Job Monitoring and retry; Dashboard
• Updates: 1 time per year
• Unlimited client and user accounts (charged by con-current license)
• IHE, DICOM, HL7 Standards
• Compliant with HIPAA, FDA, CE,CFDA, TDDA, ISO13485, CMDCAS and GMP
• Microsoft Gold Certified Partner