SoliPACS™ CamGate

Dedicated to digital camera images, SoliPACS™  CamGate is suitable for any application involving general digital cameras. This notably includes: beauty services, dermatology, general surgery, and skin cosmetics.


• Modular design for flexible system extension
• Low hardware requirements
• Ultra low cost for system implementation
• Simple identification process: Patient healthcare card helps to confirm and ensure privacy and accuracy
• Patient Log: Independent patient demographic database, no need to connect with the Health insurance bureau


• Integration of analog patient information from HIS, LIS, NIS, RIS, EIS and PACS
• Image Data Receiving: Supports general digital camera memory cards
• Modular design for flexible system extension
• CPU: Pentium 3 700MHz, recommended Pentium 4 2.0GHz or above
• RAM: 256MB, recommended 512MB or above
• Display card: 1024*768. 65536 color or 24-bit true color
• Hard disk: 2GB above
• OS: Windows 7/8.1/10
• Low hardware requirement, general computer appliances