SoliPACS™ is a comprehensive term that unites all the products of the fileds we have year long experience in. (Radiology, Mammography and Dental). Together they are a cohesive suite of solutions that can easily be integrated into your infrastructure to cover your entire imaging needs. The products can all make use of one or more of the following shared converters: SignalGate, FileGate or CamGate. Their function is to ensure that the image files are stored and ultimately available for viewing in the right format.
Once the data is being retrieved, the products again use Enterprise PACS features like: SoliPACS™ Client Viewer, SoliPACS Web Viewer and SoliPACS™ Reporting.  By vastly improving both interconnectivity and interoperability within your healthcare institution, SoliPACS™ vastly improves every aspect of your medical working environment.