SoliPACS™ Report

SoliPACS™ Report provides physicians with a tool for generating professional-looking and customized reports that comply with worldwide reporting standards. The final reports can be created either by dictating (voice recognition) or typing. With other useful features such as appointment scheduling, statistical reports and report templates, this feature reduces your administrative workload while increasing patient, physician and administrator satisfaction. SoliPACS™ Report is thus an invaluable tool in times of increasing pressure on healthcare systems.


• Web-base order scheduling and registration
• Appointment scheduling
• Match DICOM studies to specific files
• Electronic report signing
• Statistical reporting
• Default and new report templates
• Ability to print out order information sheets with billing sign-off form to any printer


Scheduling and registration module:
• Schedule and reserve study date and time with calendars
• Patient demography can be downloaded from HIS system or reconciled on scheduler workstations, which will then be transferred and displayed on the modalities without any manual interface.

Administration module:
• Workload monitoring and assignment
• Ability to generate workload reports by day/month/year

Technician Management module:
• Ability to record the equipment, medicine and technical information that are used for each patient

Patient management module:
• Ability to print out appointment cards for patients

Report composing module:
• Reports can be monitored, balanced and reassigned
• Three levels of privileges: radiologists, residents and typists
• Task list

Connectivity and integration module:
• Ensures integration with HIS (HL7 and non HL7) and web service,
• Directly connects to the HIS database.
• Records all important data into the system and creates the accession number
• Schedules can be viewed on all other stations in real time, by web-base solutions
• Voice recording