Market of Niche Product     Mar 26, 2018

As a software company, under the fixed operating costs, the revenue will be the largest income. How does a company present revenue performance?
Once a hospital chose a PACS system, maintenance and upgrading are still needed, they won’t change venders in five to ten years. This kind of maintenance and system upgrading requires additional costs. In order to have higher market share, it relies on how many clients you have. Comparing with other information system, medical imaging system costs more on its software and implementation. Taking advantage of its high market share, ebm expects to expand revenue not only by providing 2,500 hospitals with PACS but also implements paperless system gradually.

An important product, Rad@, was released in 2017. Rad@ turns ipad pros into portable medical monitors, which solved the immobility of traditional monitors. With Rad@, medical information can be retrieved through cloud and mobile devices for prompt diagnosis, enabling doctors and radiologists to view medical-grade images remotely and share diagnosis and expertise with rural hospitals and clinics.
What might be the challenge to develop such kind of software?

First of all, the monitor has to pass FDA approval for diagnosis quality. A traditional medical monitor costs around NTD 200,000, however, new solution provided by ebm is not only cost-effective but also portable. The chairman believes that remote medical consultation has great potentialities. Starts from this year, Japan government also covers remote medical care. Since there is no such portable monitors in the market, Rad@ will certainly be a shining star.

Medical imaging system not only improved the communication between hospitals and patients, but also had a great influence in retrieval images promptly. If we use this kind of mobile devices in the emergency ambulance or incident place, doctors can make diagnosis even 10 kilometers away by looking at the ECG images sending from the ambulance. This kind of imagination has come true in Kaohsiung fire bureau. ebm integrated its software with ECG network in the bureau, once there is patient with heart attack, it will send the information immediately to the control center and the phone of responsible doctors. Doctors can easily make diagnosis remotely by checking the ECG images and comparing with historical data when it comes to a life or death situation. More than one hundred of patients with heart disease had been saved.