Future growth strength     Mar 26, 2018

The sales targets of ebm’s customers are hospitals and physicians. We focused on dominant hospital P.A.C.S. system and Government E.M.R. Exchange Center, so EBM is optimistic about the profit. The major strategy is to take Taiwan market as new trial sites and promote the most successful product to Global markets. Facing the global competition, ebm puts its 80% efforts in developing new products. It invests much of its budget in R&D expenditure and has a great belief that it will accumulate the value of the company for long-term.

ebm is not only the leader of RIS Cloud implementation in Taiwan but also in a leading position in international markets by cooperating with distributors over a long period of time. With the experience in global healthcare system, ebm is now getting access to ASEAN markets through distributors in Thailand. In China market, ebm has implemented more than 1,000 hospitals through distribution channel. With the plan of upgrading modules this year, ebm is optimistic to unleash the growth potential of China market.

The business model is based on hospital procurement. Due to the reason that the processing needs to meet tenders and annual budget, most of the sales revenue will be based on the second half of the year, especially 4th quarter. To solve the monthly revenue balance issue, we combined the hardware, software and service together to generate continuously income every month.
Comparing to previous years, the profit of Q4 in 2017 was decreasing because of the amortization of 2 major projects and the adjustment of gross profit.