About ebm     Mar 26, 2018

In the past, patients could not see their own medical images, instead they could only hear about the results from doctors. With the help of technology, the process had a huge breakthrough. The whole procedures had been entirely changed after introduction of PACS. The design of PACS is mainly to improve the process of medical treatment and to build a bridge of communication between doctors and patients.
With mobile devices, no matter where doctors and patients are, they can keep close tabs on the situation, make comparison with historical data, and then give precise instructions. To support this kind of cloud-based medical imaging service, a perfect medical image archiving system with the ability of retrieve images remotely is needed.
Today, we are introducing the backstage driving force of hospital electronization - ebm technologies incorporation. The Chairman, William Pan, is keen on photography. He considers that photos and medical images work on the same principle. He takes medical images as evidence for diseases analysis, and soon devotes all his energies into the field of medical imaging with great enthusiasm.