Core business- Medical Cloud Platform     Mar 26, 2018

PACS is a film-less system to help physician diagnose automatically. For the personal or business traveler, the PACS system can transform to personal health record. When emergency medical needs happen, foreign physicians can retrieve the health and medical record to improve diagnostic accuracy. PACS is designed for receiving, transmitting, displaying the medical image under management. First period for past 8-9 years, hospital implemented the “Film-less” environment for cost-driven reason. All of Taiwan’s hospitals are “Film-less” ready these days. Second period is about “Paperless”. All the paper material can import to the PACS system. CEO William Pan told us, “Paper-less is more important than film-less.” It is not only the storage and management of medical images but also un-digitized modalities that can become digitized by virtual print. By mobile applications, physicians can retrieve and read the image and report immediately to diagnosis and explain to patients. In the meanwhile, William opens the application and show the ECG, Ultrasound and X-ray image. “With mobile devices, physicians can take care of patients and retrieve medical records at patients’ bedside.”

From PACS system to electronic medical records system (EMR), ebm built the EMR system on the medical cloud platform’s foundation. With EMR retrieving service, patients can save the time and cost of get the copy of medical record. It can generate service fee and develop new add-on service like medication alarming to ensure the therapeutic effect. The past EMR system was limited by budget and technology issue so that most of vendors cannot afford appropriate system to hospital at early stage. Until last year, ebm has developed a brand new EMR system and implemented 14 national hospitals last year, successfully replaced their original system. Only for EMR, there are three hospitals waiting for the implementation this year already.