MobiPACS™ App

MobiPACS™ App is our flagship mobile PACS product. Highly connective and providing top-speed access to files, MobiPACS™ App allows medical facilities to retrieve multi-modality images from any connected server. The application’s flexible server architecture means the customer can freely choose its physical basis. Most importantly, connecting multiple departments, MobiPACS™ App offers a single solution covering all your Telehealth needs.
MobiPACS™ App: the next generation in mobile medical image viewing.


• Highly connective in-between departments
• Providing top speed access to files by the Wave Streaming Technology
• Allows medical facilities to retrieve multi-modality images from any connected server
• Available in a Lite and a Pro version
• Customers can freely choose the physical basis of the applications server
• One single solution covering all Telehealth needs
• Arranges images for optimal softcopy viewing (hanging protocols)
• Features screen splitting for easy image comparison
• Allows quick image and video searches and display.
• Integrates a bidirectional workflow
• Offers extremely useful reporting functions such as highlighting of individual image sections, voice reports and conversion of voice recordings into text
• Can display any image format including JPG, BMP and PDF
• Capable of integration into Hospital Information Systems (HIS)


• Compatibility: iOS 7.0 or above
• Support iPhone,iPad and iPod touch
• Support images from modalities such as CR, ECG/EKG, DR, CT, MR, US, XA, NM, etc
• Support fast access to images and data via 3G or Wi-Fi
• Support varios images layout (1x1, 2x1, etc)
• Support quick images adjustment tools including Pan / Zoom / Window Level
• Support Manual Slider bar to quickly access specific image
• Support Multiple Servers
• Support Multi frame images (optional feature)