MobiPACS™ Web Viewer

Image viewing from any internet-enabled end device regardless of its browser and operating system. Another great product to optimize the workflow within your healthcare institution is MobiPACS™ Web Viewer.


• Provides rapid access to picture archiving and communication systems (PACS)
• Uses the latest web server and web browser technology for easy viewing of multi-modality images on any Windows-based PC
• Very user-friendly thanks to its common web browser interface
• Studies can be enabled directly in the browser, regardless of the browser type, operating system and end device


• Support multiple servers
• Supported web browsers: Internet Explorer 11 (Windows), Edge (Windows), Firefox (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows), Google Chrome (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows), Safari (iOS, Mac)
• Support Window Level to adjust gray-scale images
• Support various images layout adjustment (1x1, 2x1, 2x2, 4x2)
• Various images layout available: 1x1, 2x1, 2x2, 4x2
• Image left-right flip
• Zoom in and out
• Comparison of current and prior images
• Length measurement
• Display multi-frame images
• Mouse supported to scroll displaying multi-frame images
• Panning
• Support ECG images
• Security control set up- access images with authorized account ID and password
• Auto-open the first study of query result
• Auto-erase measurement values after zoom in/out
• Integration support available to call images and customize period of validity of URL