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EBM Named Bronze Winner Of the 2021 Edison Awards

Apr 28, 2021

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EBM Technologies Named a  BRONZE  Winner of the 2021 Edison Awards

EBM Technologies is honored to be awarded the Bronze Medal in the Edison Awards, entitled as the Oscar Awards for the technology sector, this outcompetes more than 400 IT firms due to the exclusive innovation of the Ubiquitous Diagnostic Environment (UDE) App.

The UDE App has been integrated with the AI medical assisted technology--- "AI-based Mammogram Lesions Detection”, developed by the Digital Transformation Institute (DTI), Institute for Information Industry (III), and subsidized by the Department of Industrial Technology (DOIT), Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China. Leveraging the iPad Pros' advantages of portability and offline computing powers, the UDE App enables frontline medical personnel to make real-time diagnosis with high-resolution image display for their high risk breast cancer patients and decrease the workload for healthcare workers. In the past, medical image systems usually required on-site installation and services across multiple hospitals, which resulted in high maintenance costs and was hard to be promoted. With the progress of mobile technologies, the innovation of mobile apps has eliminated the tedious and complex system workflow and has been promoted to the international marketplaces conveniently.

Wayne Ting, the General Manager of the Taiwan Market at EBM Technologies, claims“the UDE App, the key to precipitating us to success, is the state-of-the-art strategy”. EBM Technologies has been dedicated to utilizing medical images as the core to develop innovative solutions (e.g. mobile medical images, MobiHIS App, Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), and AI medical assisted technologies that have been rolled out in recent years). Our software products conform to international standards based on the product design and system compatibility, making implementation in the international marketplace possible without replacing the original systems and allowing our medical services to be distributed to a wider customer base.

Taiwan has always been an excellent environment, full of medical resources, and high-quality applications are constantly developed due to actual needs. Through the cycle of " advanced implementation, local market verification, and world wide adoption" , not only can we ensure the continuous innovation , but also form an innovation-oriented brand image in the global medical imaging market. While we are planning the global marketing strategy, increasing hospitals and clinics’ engagement in medical imaging services through the introduction of new applications is crucial for long-term competitiveness.

EBM Technologies has verified that even if there is no internet and no large-scale computing resources, the AI medical assisted technology, "breast lesion detection model" can run on iPad Pros smoothly anytime, anywhere and share AI with the advantages of application: low installation fee, low maintenance cost, and fast deployment, which greatly reduces the operating burden of what a traditional PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) company would pay for.

Receiving the recognition of the 2021 Edison Awards makes both parties with long-term cooperation excited. It proves that medical imaging services integrated with AI assisted technology does create a higher value, and leads the industry to focus on how smart healthcare services can be quickly deployed to the units in need without having AI startups and hospitals spend much resources.  In addition, the process of cooperation between the two parties has ensured that more AI services will be implemented in the Taiwan market in the future and be adopted in the global market.

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DOIT Director General Chiou Chyou-Huey (middle), EBM Technologies General Manager Wayne Ting (the 2nd from left ) and III DTI Director General Harriot Lin (the 2nd from right) at the press conference on April 26.


Bronze Winner of the Edison Awards – The UDE App