1. Overview

EBM Technologies Incorporated ("EBM" or "We") respects your privacy and will make every effort to protect your personal information, i.e., information that can be used to identify you directly or indirectly, such as your real name or date of birth. You have used or are about to use the EBM application (the "App") or EBM Technologies website (the “Site”. i.e. www.ebmtech.com, radat.ebmtech.com and other related websites where this agreement appears). Please take a moment to go through our privacy policy (the "Privacy Policy") to learn more about how your personal information will be collected and processed, how it is used and for what purposes, as well as how we safeguard your personal information. Please read through the Privacy Policy carefully. If you find the Privacy Policy unacceptable, please cease using the Site immediately.

2. Coverage of the Privacy Policy

When you access or use the Site, it may collect your information via the third party measuring or analytical equipment, or other applications, that are connected or linked to the Site, for further processing and use by us. The collection, processing and use of your personal information will be carried out in line with the Privacy Policy. With the App, you can send personal information or grant access to a third party (such as a doctor in a hospital or clinic), or share your personal information with other applications (such as Health Kit on Apple devices). Please note that once your personal information is sent out to or accessed by such third party, or shared with such other applications, the collection, processing and use of your personal information by such third party of applications will not be covered by this Privacy Policy. Please consult their respective privacy policies before you do so.

3. Collecting Entity

EBM Technologies Incorporated

4. Purposes of Collection

To optimize the Site's features, your personal information will be required. Your personal information would also help us improve the Site and our services to you and other customers using the Site. Specific purposes under laws of Republic of China (Taiwan) include: Management and Services to Consumer/Client (No. 090), Gathering Statistics, Research and Analysis (No. 152), Other Advisory and Consultation Services (No. 182).

5. Categories of Personal Information Collected

When you are using the App, the following categories of personal information will be collected. You will be deemed to have consented to the collection when you agree to this Privacy Policy or begin using the App: (1) No. C001 For Identification: such as your name, address, phone number, ID or medical file number. (2) No. C011 Description of Individual: such as gender and date of birth. (3) No. C012 Description of Physical Condition: such as body weight, body fat percentage, body/ear temperature, blood pressure (systolic/diastolic), heart rhythm, heights, blood sugar level and blood type, etc.

6. Process, Uses, International Transmission and Safeguard of Collected Personal Information

Once your personal information is collected, it will be processed, used and transmitted in the following manner: (1) Duration. Beginning from your initial use of the Site until the earlier of (a) the deletion of your account with us; (b) our receipt of your written instruction that we cease to use your personal information; or (c) the day we cease to provide you with the services regarding the Site and the App. (2) Regions. Your personal information will be processed, used and/or transmitted in or between where EBM servers are located, the country or region of your location, as well as the destination country or region of your transmission. (3) Uses and Manner. We will upload the collected personal information onto our servers, file and store the same in our database. You will be able to read your personal information, measurement statistics and charts with the App. You may also share your personal information with other applications, upload your personal information or share it with your medical facilities and doctors for their reference in diagnosis. Except otherwise provided by law, your personal information will be used only for the specific purposes referred to above.

7. To safeguard your privacy, we will adopt proper protocols for the storage and use of your personal information

(1) All collected personal information will be encrypted using an algorithm or encoded before uploading to the servers, and will be stored in an internal and secured database. (2) Our personnel would be granted with access to your personal information only on a need-to-know basis, and only with the authorization of persons in charge of data protection. All our personnel granted with access to your personal information with us will be bound by confidentiality. We will penalize the perpetrators of any breach and will pursue their legal obligations arising from such breaches. Please note that if you decide to publish (such as upload or share) your personal information, you shall assume the risks concomitant with third party collection or usage. We shall not be held liable for any resulting damage.

8. Your Inquiries and Requests, and the Integrity of Your Personal Information

Unless otherwise provided by laws, your following inquiries or requests will be accommodated: (1) inquiry and request for reviewing the personal information; (2) request duplicate the personal information; (3) request to supplement or correct the personal information; (4) request to discontinue collection, processing or use of personal information; and (5) request to delete the personal information. Please note that you may be charged for our costs to respond to your inquiries, or requests to review or duplicate your personal information with us. If you have questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or your personal data with us, please send us an email to info@ebmtech.com

9. Impact on Refusal to Provide Personal Information

The functionality of the Site or the App depends on the accuracy and completeness of the personal information provided to us, your decisions on whether to have the personal information transmitted, whether third-party access is granted, and whether inter-application data-sharing is permitted by you. Incomplete or inaccurate personal information submission, denying transmission, or denying third-party or inter-application data-sharing, would compromise one or all of the features of the Site or the App.

10. Amendment to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is effective upon your access to the Site or use of the App. EBM reserves the right to make amendment as it deems fit, and will not notify you prior to any change of the content hereto.

Last updated: February 2019