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UDE ( Ubiquitous Diagnostic Environment ) App is our newest iOS based mobile display solution that’s capable of converting an iPad Pro® into a standalone viewer, display and server, all in one. It offers many highly anticipated features, including the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), extendable reporting system and more.


Server: Receive image file from modalities
When acting as a server, UDE is capable to continuously receive image files generated by medical instruments and process image query requests from other viewers simultaneously. All image files are stored in the iPad Pro's storage space, depending on the storage size of the iPad Pro itself.
Viewer: Query/Retrieve image data from server
The UDE App utilizes DICOM communication to enable smooth image data transmission between iPad Pros and PACS servers. It offsets traditional workstation mobility disadvantages, allowing clinical users, in hospital network environments, to actively retrieve medical image data in PACS servers back to iPad Pro(s) for display.
Mammography hanging protocols
UDE-based viewers offer a range of mammography hanging protocols that’s fully customizable and ensures physicians to have the best mammography viewing experience on the go, without compromising the work efficiency and image display quality.

UDE Workflow

Product and Solution

EBM AI workflow is a software platform for seamless data annotation, training, advanced visualization and deployment of AI based medical imaging applications.

EBM’s UDE App is our newest iOS-based mobile display solution that’s capable of converting an iPad Pro into a standalone viewer, display, and server- all in one.

EBM’s MobiHIS App provides medical staff with full access to patient data while supporting practices in a filmless and paperless healthcare environment.

eDC (ebm Data Center) is the enterprise imaging and VNA (Vendor Neutral Archives) platform designed to store DICOM and non-DICOM files.

SoliDACS (Document Archiving and Communication System) is the innovation from EBM Technologies to fulfil the need of an all-in-one storage for clinical documents.

UniWeb 360° is a zero-footprint universal viewer which can be used on any web browser and supports viewing of both DICOM and Non-DICOM data

XPreview is iOS based-application embedded with a diagnostic support Chest CR AI model, which uses a customized CoreML model to generate output based on DICOM Chest X-ray images.

Rad@ now enables images to be diagnosed reliably outside of hospitals, doctors’ surgeries or other medical environments because Rad@TM can be connected easily to a laptop or PC.

Working in conjunction with PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems), MobiPACS™ applications allow clinicians to retrieve, view and compare any type of medical image.

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